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SS College of Engineering is the only institute in Southern Rajasthan to sign MOU with CDAC- Ministry of Information Technology, government of India-. After this MOU, the college will emerge as the premier R&D institution for design, and development of world class technology solution for economic & human advancement. Effecting CDAC program with B. Tech will enhance technical skills of our students and create even better chances of placements. All the courses provided by CDAC are recognized, also highly valued and rated by more than 200 multinational companies.

The college aims at the all round development of the students for that proper and strong communication link between the college and parent is essential.

For better communication links SSCE has formed Management-Parents Communication Cell, via this cell Management can send the proper status of the student to their parents as well as parents can communicate with management with any issue related to students.

In this way a number of agencies are actively working on the campus to reduce the learning difficulties of the students by having sound communication. College sends daily messages to the parents of the students regarding their attendance. The college also offers the facility of sending periodical information regarding result and attendance. In this way the college has maintained sound communication with the parents.

Syllabus of CDAC Course:

  1. C, C++ & Data Structure Using C++
  2. Web Programming with Extensible Mark Up Language (XML)
  3. Windows Programming with SDK
  4. Operating System Concepts
  5. Software Engineering and Project Management
  6. Database Technology (Using Oracle 9i)
  7. J2SE- Core JAVA
  8. JSEE- Enterprise JAVA
  9. Microsoft. Net Technologies
  10. MS. NET 3.5 Network
  11. ASP. NET 3.5
  12. VB. NET 3.5
  13. C#. NET 3.5
  14. MOSS 2007
  15. Upcoming Technology Module (JSF)
  16. Projects

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