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  Department of Electrical Engineering

Institute has well equipped labs viz, Electrical m/c, Power Electronics & Drives, Power System & High Voltage, Measurement & Instrumentation, Circuit Analysis Lab, Microprocessor & Embedded System which have equipments and also latest sophisticated equipments. It has Software Laboratory, which caters the need of faculty and the students of the department. The department also provides a service to the students of Computer Engg., Electronics & Communication, and Electronics & Electrical Engineering. In addition department provides services to the Industries & the Public by way of consultancy & Testing. The courses are frequently modified in view of the technological advancement & placement needs for our students.

Scope of Electrical Engineering:


Indian Railway

Power Plant

Power Generation


Power Transmission

Crompton Gravies

Electrical Machine Lab

All types of DC Machines, single phase and three phase squirrel cage and slip ring induction motors, single-phase and three phase transformers, suitable starters and loading arrangements for machines, measuring instruments of all types needed for the laboratory experiments and also sub-standard meters meant for calibration. The Electrical Machines Laboratory is utilized by all students for lab work and project work. All these facilities are used by the teachers for research and development work.

Electrical Workshop

In this lab basic practical knowledge of electrical is given. all home appliances like electric iron, ceiling fan, table fan, fluorescent tube, different bulbs, electric earthing, simple house wiring and layout of power distribution is done.

Power Electronics Lab

Thryistor converters, DC choper modules, power devices such as Thyristors, Power MOSFETs, IGBTs of various voltage and current ratings, Opto-Isolators, Pulse transformers and other related commutating components.

A Number of modules of AC-DC converters, voltage controllers - single phase as well as three phase, DC chopper units and inverters using Power MOSFETs and IGBTs, solid state soft start units for three phase induction motors have been built in the last five years as project works of UG and PG students.

Apart from the above, certain special Induction machines and Capacitor Banks have been designed for work in the area of wind energy electric conversion systems and Solar Photo Voltaic panels are also available for work in Solar Energy conversion projects.

Power System & High Voltage Lab

In this lab experiment related to cable testing, ceramic insulator testing, transformer oil testing performed. Study of various types of relays is done.

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