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  Department of Computer Science & Engineering:

Reflects the depth and scale of Computer Science. Much more emphasis is laid on the practical understanding of the technology. The students are trained in critical areas like programming, networking, web systems, information management and human-computer interaction.


The classroom is designed with an IT environment and has every facility for research and study. All students have access to computing facilities that allow them to achieve their tasks with ease.

Industry connection

The department enjoys good relations with some of the top IT companies like CTS, WIPRO and INFOSYS. Seminars, symposiums and workshops are conducted to keep students updated with new technologies adopted in different industries. The department also ensures that students are prepared for their career with soft-skills training, which is as important in todays job environment as hard-skills.

The placement process provides students with every opportunity to enter top ranking companies. The faculty are also at hand to guide students in the path of their future.

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