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  Some facts about SSCE

Within span of time SSCE has earned excellent reputation in the field Technical Education.
The design of the campus is very student centric. The academic, residential, student’s activity and landscaped zones of the campus are interestingly isolated and integrated with each other. The facilities and support provided at the institution mach the best anywhere.
The visions and missions of the college have been scrutinized in this manner:
  • To create a midst of excellence for imparting state-of-art education, industry oriented training research in the field of technical education.
  • To work as learning resource counter knowledge management and entrepreneurship development in the field of technology.
  • The institution endeavors to impact quality education and necessary skills to our students to face the challenging field of engineering and technology with confidence and love for machines and nature alike. 

  Highest Admissions in the Session 2011

  B.Tech with CDAC Degree

  Collaboration with 2 Foreign Universities

  Winner of Education Leadership Award 2011

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