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  Electronics & Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering is committed to impart quality technical education tuned to the latest technological advancement in Electronics, telecommunication & IT industry with emphasis on integration of technologies viz. VLSI, Telecommunication, Microprocessor, and Microwave Engineering. The salient features of the department include advanced laboratories equipped with latest and sophisticated 

State of the art facilities, along with experienced research oriented faculty members.

The curriculum of the four-year degree course as prescribed by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota for B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering  encompasses an appropriate proportion of theoretical and practical course contents at par with the leading National and International technical institutions. Besides this the department always gives stress on Practical Training and also lays emphasis on Industrial Visits and Training.

List of Laboratories:-

Electronics Lab

Electronics Design Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Microwave Lab

Microwave Lab

Instrumentation Lab

Electronics Lab:  

Electronics department has equipments and setup for basic and general electronics circuits for study analysis & design like as Analog lab module, Transistor Trainer, Diode & Zener Diode characteristics, Push pull amplifier, FET & MOSFET Trainer, Hartley & colpits oscillator, Wein bridge oscillator, CRO with LCD display Digital storage oscilloscope, Function generators.   
Communication Lab:     
This lab covers all analog  as well as digital communication system. Laboratory portion of this course throughwe study  different modulation techniques, sampling process, ASK, FSK PSK etc.This lab covers all analog  as well as digital communication system. Laboratory portion of this course throughwe study  different modulation techniques, sampling process, ASK, FSK PSK etc.     

Electronics Workshop Lab:

The Department Of Electronics Engineering has Electronics Workshop Lab for all the branches of Ist Year and Electronic workshop in II yr. The purpose of this lab is to give the basic knowledge of Electrical & Electronics Engineering aspects. The facilities available in this Laboratory are Different Types of Lamp, CRO trainer, Staircase wiring Rectifier kits, Display Board, Assembling & disassembling of ceiling fan & tube light. Transformer and Energy meter 

PCB Design Lab:

We have a complte set of all PCB design lab equpment which include Shearing Machine, Artwork / Film Tablez,  PCB Artwork Film maker,  Photo Resist Dip Coating Machine, UV exposure Unit, Dye-Developing Machine, Photo Curing & Oven, Etching Machine, Roller tinning Machine, PCB Drilling Machine

Electronics Design Lab:

The laboratory portion of this course, through the Electronics Engineering Design labs, is designed to give the student practical experience in working with operational amplifiers & its various applications, multivibrators. The laboratory integrate the theory taught in the lectures with practical design, and should help the student to apply his or her knowledge of electronics.

Advance Communication Lab:

Advance communication lab inclide all sophoticated equipment & experiments related to spectrum analayer, data formating system, PCM code, Delta modulation. Students also simutate those experiments on different software like MATLAB, OrCAD.

Microprocessor Lab:

In this we provide training on assesbly languge programming.8085 microprocessor kit & different perifial devices.

Microwave Lab:

Microwave Engineering Lab covers microwave generation, transmission, working of microwave bench, different parameters measuement like VSWR, Frequency, Impedance & Power etc. In Our lab we have 5 micrwave benchs of Reflex Klystron, Gunn Diode. Major equipments of this lab are director copulet, isolators, VSWR meter, frequency meter, Magic Tee, E-plan, H- plan, twister etc.

Instrumentation Lab:

Electronics Measurment & Instrumentation include characteristics of thermocouple using Thermocouple,Characteristics of photodiode, Characteristics of thermistor resistance with temperature,  Speed (digital) with the help of photoelectric speed transducer, Angular Displacement Measurement using Capacitive Transducer, Characteristics of LDR with the distance of light source, LVDT operation and its characteristics, Load Measurement using strain gauge transducer, RTD, piezoelectric transducer. This is also useful for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Wireless Communication Lab:

Department has advance wireless communication lab which covers Antenna Lab, Satellite Communication & Mobile Communication. Studying antenna parameters, Radiation pattern, Pattern beamwidth, Radiation Intensity, Directivity, Gain, Radiation efficiency.

Optical Fiber Lab:

Department of Electronics & Communication has advance optical communication lab with different laser sources, detectors, fiber. Main experiments are data transmission using analog & different optical link, numerical aperture measurment, bending losses measurment etc.

Signal Processing Lab    
 MATLAB software is used for signal processing & simulation. Students are design variours project on MATLAB. The utility of this lab is in the field of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.
Digital Signal Processing Lab:

DSP Processors such as Texas instruments and Analog Devices.Contains - CPU,RAM,ROM,I/O ports,Timer.

Embedded System Lab:

This lab consist of 16 bit Microcontroller. Students make various project based on Microcontroller in this lab.

Project Lab:

A student specially a Graduate student of Technology is expected to do some experiment and research on the subject other than those given in the class text books or those commonly done. Such an effort when well organized with a definite aim or purpose is called a “Project”. By doing a project a student display his spirit of enquiry, creativity and capability of importing any existing situation and that of ability to think independently so as to understand the basic facts 

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