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Exciting practical works are required to make the learning process thoroughly meaningful and productive for the students.

SSCE boasts well maintained adequate labs as per AICTE and RTU requirements.

At Vision we believe in learning through labs and for the very purpose we have well equipped laboratories and workshops meeting the international standards.

List of Laboratories and workshops is given below:-


Department of Civil Engineering- Laboratories:

Surveying Lab (Civil Engineering)

Surveying Lab (Civil Engineering)

Geology Lab (Civil Engineering)

Geology Lab (Civil Engineering)

Construction Technology Lab

Construction Technology Lab

Geology Lab (Civil Engineering)

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics


Department of Mechanical Engineering- Laboratories:



Thermal Lab


I C Engine Lab

Hydraulic Lab


HT Lab

Production Lab

Mechanical Workshop

Fitting Shop

Carpentry Shop


Department of Electrical & Electronics/ Electrical, Engineering- Laboratories:

Electrical Machine Lab

Electrical DC Machine Lab

Electrical Measurement Lab

Electrical A. C. Lab

Electrical Circuit Design Lab

Electrical Circuit Design Lab


Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering- Laboratories:

Antenna Lab

Circuit Analysis Lab

Microwave Lab

Digital Communication Lab


Department of Computer Science /Information Technology Engineering- Laboratories:

Data Structures Lab

Operating System Lab

Object Oriented Programming Lab

Linux Lab

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