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  Department of Mining Engineering

The program emphasizes on interdisciplinary aspects of both Sciences and Engineering including mine-surveying, mining mechanization, role of robotics engineering in mining along emerging themes of learning and education related to mine environment and sustainable mining, mineral quality analytics, India-specific placer deposits, opencast coal/ iron/ aluminum/ potash/ fluorite/ and other industrial minerals. 

Career Prospects.

Through this programme, the department encourages the students to pursue cross traditional modules of mining engineering and seek employable opportunities with global mining enterprises, consultants, services providers, or explore opportunities as – techno-entrepreneurs, techno-economists of specific mineral mines and ore deposits, develop freelance expertise in reliability engineering and feasibility studies in robotic applications, geo statistical evaluation of complex ore deposits, innovative approaches in mine-surveying, mine planning, mine ventilation designing, mineral deposit assessment, and further gain basic techno-managerial strategies for rover fabrication for mining at both on-land off-land mineral deposits.

Scope & Opportunity

1.  Mining is a very important part of every economy, and its importance is increasing because of the shortage of coal, petroleum, and other essential minerals. As a result, the demand for advancements in Mining Industry is bound to boost. Thus, there is a great need for human resource base in this industry.

2.  Mining Engineering contributes a lot in tapping a country’s natural resources and in the process helps in the growth of the economy.

3.  As a successful graduate of this stream, one learns to determine the profitability of a mine. They might work as supervisors, environmental, health and safety managers, mineral salespersons, and so on.

4.  Mining Engineers ensure safe, environmentally sound and economic extraction of minerals and resources. Thus, they have a very technical role to play and this makes them highly demanded as well as offers them reputed job profile with lucrative salary.
5.  Professors / lecturers of Mining Engineering also have a very bright future. After passing post graduation in Mining Engineering plus NET exam, you can teach this subject in colleges and universities.

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